Heli Reymond opens its doors to private visitors

Brand HR has its historical homeland - a region called Valee De Joux, which is famous for its watchmaking heritage and the richest contribution to the development of the Swiss watch industry. Here, in the heart of the region, there is a small town - Le Pont - where has been the historical house of the main ideological "mastermind" of the brand for more than 100 years – house of the watchmaker Heli Reymond. 

Today this house is not just a historical building, but a place where the history of the brand is still being created. Heli Reymond historical office is still here. We should admit that secrets of Heli Reymond’s creativity are still stored nowadays. Moreover, the ideas of new models get inspiration also here.

The house of Heli Reymond is the pride of the brand. Here everything is concentrated: the location on the bench of a beautiful lake, the historical spirit of the watchmaking art of Valee De Joux, the synergy of the past and the present, where the watch models of the new generation are born. All this is harmoniously assembled in one place - the family nest of Heli Reymond.

Until recently, it was closed to visitors, but since 2018 we are opening our doors for private visits. Our guests will be able to see the working place of one of the best watchmakers of Valee Du Joux in the 20th century, get acquainted with the latest collection of the brand Heli Reymond 2018 and have a friendly chat with one of the co-owners of the brand – all these in the atmosphere of a true Swiss hospitality - cheese fondue evening.

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