Historical Facts

The founder and inspirer of the brand - Louis Reymond - was born in 1889 in the legendary region of Valle de Joux - the historical cradle of Swiss watchmaking known throughout the world. His place of birth had influenced Louis's conscious fascination with the watchmaking business. The young man began his training as an apprentice in Jaeger Le Coultre factory who, at that time, was the leading manufacturer of watches in Valee de Joux and still remains one of the most famous watch brands in the world.

His efforts in learning, inventing and striving to achieve more in the art of watchmaking, have become his true passion. Being an ordinary trainee, Louis devoted most of his time to finding and developing new, innovative watch movements of the high level of accuracy and complexity and gas became one of the pioneers in creating movements that we call today chronographs.

In 1919, Louis Reymond has become a father, his long-awaited son – Heli Reymond – was born. Putting great hopes for the continuation of his business, it is in his honor that Louis names his own watch brand. So the new watch legend of Valee de Joux was born. T The son lived up to his father's expectations. Like his father, Heli Raymond had great talent in watchmaking. He not only continued the work of his father, but also made the family name famous, investing time and energy in creating watches and chronometers of high accuracy and complexity , but this time already for his own watch brand.

Heli Reymond was characterized by strong-willed character, which was dominated by the spirit of competition and a high level in assessing the results of his work. The desire to achieve the best was seeing in everything, even outside the watchmaking. For example, as a passionate lover of cycling, he never stopped at what was achieved and was not limited to the best status in his region, but also constantly sought to beat even the world records of such famous professionals in cycling as Fredy Kubler and Hugo Coblet. Even if to achieve this, it would take years.

Everything flows, everything changes. Family business and the brand Heli Reymond has entered a new phase of its development. . Today, a new group of owners has begun to revive the legendary brand. We have good tools in our hands: 100 years of experience in making watches, production secrets and know-how that have passed the test of time, our own production in the famous region of La Chaux-de-Fonds and the thirst to revive the legend of Valee de Joux. Everything changes in this world, but the family values ​​of the brand remain the same. The age-long history and traditions of watchmaking acquire a modern and technological interpretation, but for us its essence remains unchanged - always conform to the slogan of the legendary watchmaker, the founder of the brand, Louis Reymond:


  • Transparency
  • Active line
  • Evolution
  • Divine
  • Winch
  • Prestige
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