New Collection 2018


Welcome Heli Reymond’s new collection of mechanical watches 2018.

The main accent is made on expanding the range of Skeletons, which has always been a flagship design direction of the brand. Heli Reymond is back away from the traditional presentation of Skeleton models, offering a new stylish look of the main watch parts. New models – this is a contemporary design of the case and dial, in combination with unexpected color solutions. Traditional design can “sound” in a new way.

The family of chronometers Active Line and exquisite design of business models Evolution already attract the buyer’s attention for several years. The latest step was the introduction of a new watch case and the expansion of the color range of the dial.

Elegance remains the unchanged feature of lady family DIVINE. Delicate white, noble black and luxurious gold are the three color leaders in lady’s design. A scattering of diamonds adds sophistication and dignity.

But the main event of the new collection 2018 will be the re-launch of the line Prestige and the introduction of the first WINCH watch model which is expected for 2019. Two golden models were added to the first one, keeping all the attributes of luxury watches: movement, Moon phases, classic design.

While the second – first model of the WINCH line – expression of our appreciation to the noble sport of yachting, our message to all its fans, the worship of the craftsmanship of yachtsman. The first WINCH model will be released in the next year and, we are sure, will be appreciated by our customers and friends.
To be continued.


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  • Active line
  • Evolution
  • Divine
  • Winch
  • Prestige
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