Swiss Production


Heli Reymond – is a Swiss watch brand. What lies behind this reputation and what does it mean for the consumer?

First, the confidence that the watch on your wrist is 100% Swiss made. They were created and produced physically in Switzerland. After the recent restructuring, our production was moved to a region famous all over the world for its belonging to the watch industry - the city of La Chaux-de-Fonds. Here, in the heart of Switzerland, the most famous watch brands have chosen this city to allocate their production facilities here. Brand Heli Reymond is not an exception - we set up the task to cooperate with leading specialists in the field of watchmaking. Technical design, production of the most important and sometimes extremely intricate details, quality control, best specialists in the industry are all concentrated in La Chaux-de-Fonds, the place where Heli Reymond watches are supplied from.

Swiss Made origin has been always strictly protected area to penetrate. Swiss norms regulate designation SWISS MADE or SWISS or  any other expression containing the word "SWISS", according to which every watch produced in Switzerland should meet three main conditions as minimum: 

  • its movement is Swiss and,
  • its movement is cased up in Switzerland and;
  • the manufacturer carries out the final inspection in Switzerland.

And this is the most reliable guarantor of the quality and protection of your rights.


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  • Prestige
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