2019: we are 100 years

We are 100 years! And we are in great shape


The year 2019 will be marked for Heli Reymond by a grandiose event - 100th year’s celebration from the day of its foundation. 100 years since first attempts to create own chronographs, 100 years of tireless job made by  watchmakers of the highest level, 100 years since the historical decision to create a brand legend from Valee de Joux.

Everything flows, everything changes. A century later the family business of HR brand has entered a new phase of its development when a new group of owners began to revive the legendary brand and we have everything to fly: 100 year experience in making watches, secrets of designing and developing Skeletons, own production in the famous city La Chaux-de-Fonds, enthusiasm and thirst To revive the legend of Valee de Joux.

The band will celebrate this greatest anniversary with a number of surprises for its enthusiasts: upgrading collections, launching new models, opening up new sales markets, special gifts and promotions.


  • Transparency
  • Active line
  • Evolution
  • Divine
  • Winch
  • Prestige
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