WINCH: Hang tight and get ready!

For the first time in the sake of its existence, the Heli Reymond brand enters the noble and inspiring territory of yachting.

For a long time we have been captured by the idea of ​​creating a watch model, which will be our dedication to all professionals of this brave sport. After all, they, like the founder of the brand - the master Heli Reymond, never stop at what has been achieved and strive to go beyond the usual patterns and limitations.

We decided to invest in the creation of a new collection all skills acquired during 100 years of the brand's existence. The first attempts by Louis Remo in the creation of first chronographs, the years of incredibly challenging work by Heli Reymond himself over his famous Skeletons, and our last experience in the designing of modern watches. All these will be resulted in the birth of a new collection WINCH and will become a gift to all enthusiasts of the Heli Reymond brand for its 100th anniversary celebration in 2019.

So, tighten up and be ready for the grand opening! Welcome the new WINCH collection of skeleton-chronographs, whose colors and design style perfectly fits the theme of sea discoveries.

WINCH models are created for those who are inspired by the sea and the beauty of sailing, like us. For strong, courageous, open-minded people, going beyond the limit. Encouraged by the beauty of yachting, we create watches designed not only for regatta professionals  but also for the luxurious atmosphere of yacht clubs. Functionality and sophistication - this is the motto of the new WINCH collection!

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